CTA Overlay

Last Updated March 02, 2024

A CTA (Call-to-Action) Overlay is a feature that allows you to add dynamic lead widgets to your links. It works by using the same principle as the frame method, but without the top bar. Instead, it injects cool widgets like a popup message, contact form, and a poll. 

These widgets can be used to capture leads, gather information, and engage with users before redirecting them to the target website. It is a great way to increase conversions and improve user engagement on your website.

How to create a CTA Overlay?

  • Go to the CTA Overlay section 
  • Click on the "Create a CTA overlay" button located in the top right corner 
  • Choose the type of overlay you want to create and click "Create" 
  • Customize your overlay to your liking by editing the design and adding call-to-action buttons.

Please Note: Some secure and sensitive websites such as "Google.com" or "Facebook.com" do not work with this feature.

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